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As a Mortgage Broker, we provide many lending products from a panel of lenders and private investors. This enables you to leverage your time efficiently, access a greater set of lending options. We have very close working relationships with many lenders/investors and can exercise these relationships for your benefit in building a more tailored loan offering. You may also find that if you have a less than perfect credit history, it may make traditional routes to finance more difficult to navigate. As a broker, on the other hand, we have access to products that are specifically designed for this area of the market.

There is generally, quite a lot of work involved in processing your application, we will simplify the process and get to closing quickly.

Innovation and Technology 

We provide a platform and system flow that eliminate the inefficiencies associated with the real estate transaction process by allowing everyone involved to collaborate.

What this does for you, the Client:

The platform is a secure way to share your personal and financial documentation and Electronically sign loan documents. This allows us, the Broker to complete a perfectly completed loan submission package quickly, professionally, and without error. This speeds up the underwriting approval process and allows a faster close, which makes your offer more appealing to the Seller.

What this does for the Real Estate Broker:

The platform enables a streamlined, transparent and timely transaction.

Time is a valuable resource, therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible.

You are under the caring and professional expertise of Phil and Ben, who have 15 years of lending experience. With programs, product  options, and other wholesale selling opportunities that comes with the personal service that you receive, you are up-to-date and benefiting from the industry. You are valued not just a one-time client but as a continuous patron of the company and your feedback allows for the optimization of services fit for every future client’s needs.